Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Green and clean reportage: News and random thoughts

According to ExxonMobil, engines adore clean. If 10% of cars on US roads were hybrids, reduced greenhouse gas emissions would be equal to taking five million cars off the roads. And if every car on the road had properly inflated tires, over 700 million gallons of gas would be saved every year. You can also view a version of the story on this website. And if you're just thinking about gasoline, ExxonMobil says it offers quality fuels you can trust. "Engines adore clean" is another oil company marketing campaign in the post-Gulf oil spill environment.

Speaking of green and clean ad campaigns, Chevrolet ran one during the Super Bowl with the slogan, "Chevy Runs Deep." It offers the following pitch: "What do we call eliminating 8 million metric tons of carbon from the air? We call it a start." Chevrolet says buyers will be part of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and tree-planting projects in local communities across America.

Hyundai is opting for transparent CAFE standard reporting. The company says it reached 34.7 mpg in January for its vehicle fleet available in the US, which is close to meeting the federal requirement of 35.5 mpg by the 2016 model year.

AllCarsElectric has new details on Tesla's Model X, scheduled to be launched in 2014. The vehicle is being designed as a sporty crossover about the same size as a compact SUV. Thanks to efficient packaging of its electric drivetrain and batteries, however, the smallish soft-roader is expected to have the interior space of a full-size passenger van.


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