Saturday, February 5, 2011

Green Police a Risky Way to Work and Live

According to Greenwire... "Yousef Abuteir's wanted poster stands out among the 16 on U.S. EPA's Web page for environmental fugitives -- and not just because it's the most recent addition to the two-year-old list. After a rundown of aliases, a physical description and a brief explanation of how he conspired to dodge federal excise taxes in a diesel fuel scam, there is a line written in bold letters. It reads: 'Abuteir is known to carry a weapon at all times.' The warning serves as a reminder of the risks faced each day by the approximately 200 special agents who work in EPA's Office of Criminal Enforcement, Forensics and Training (OCEFT). But a more profound testament to the danger EPA's law enforcement officers face is located at the agency's headquarters office in Washington, D.C. That is where OCEFT keeps a plaque that honors the agents who have died while on active duty."

I don't have a paid subscription so I couldn't read the rest, though sometimes their stories also run in NY Times. It does remind me of a commercial for the Audi A3 that ran last year during the Super Bowl where the song "Dream Police" became "Green Police." It depicts an Orwellian future where police bust people for littering and doing other bad things to the environment. Drivers of the Green Car of the Year award winning, fuel efficient A3 would be pardoned by the law. I did see Cheap Trick playing their version of the song recently on "Conan," backed by a symphony. I always digged their music, and seeing them live in 1979/80 stands out vividly in my memory.


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