Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Launching Think City in America Has Been a Very Tough Prospect, Indeed

Think has had a tough time getting started in the US market, and it's not getting any easier. The latest development has been a recall of the long-awaited City electric car by NHTSA. Reflecting Think's low production rate, only 39 vehicles are involved in the pair of safety recalls. Sixteen cars may have a driver's-side seat belt installed on the passenger side, meaning it's missing a tensioner needed to retain a child seat properly if one is installed.

According to coverage, another 23 Think City models may have inadequate defroster systems that fail to clear the inside of the windshield adequately, which could impede the driver's vision in cold or humid weather. The defroster is powered by a separate liquid heating circuit that may not function properly. So, getting electric cars to the mass market may take longer than anticipated.


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