Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Goal

Warning: this post has no attempt at humor, it is simply a mind dump. Therefore feel free to stop reading right now.

I'm taking a number of social work classes, which I'm loving. Every day we are learning about getting clients to be honest with us and tuning into their feelings and needs as well as our own. This made me think, I never reeeeally tune into myself and I'm NEVER honest about my personal life with people. Not that I lie, I just refrain from sharing in general. So I've decided, my new goal is to be completely honest as often as possible with anyone who cares to ask or listen. Why not? AND.... to really get to know myself.

Should be exciting no? No... should be terrifying.

Also, I'm watching Bridget Jones Diary which I LOVE because she gets the guy in the end without having to change a thing. I feel like her every day. So maybe, just maybe, if I start tuning into myself, my self image may improve a bit. Maybe.....

And so the honesty begins... whether or not you wanted to read it. Also, I'm gonna regret this the second I click Publish Post.


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