Friday, March 4, 2011

Automotive Digest a Cool Car Town to Visit

In case you were ever wondering how Green Machine Digest and ADW Green got started, it's good to know a little bit about the parent organization, Automotive Digest. It was started up by Publisher Chuck Parker in 1998. At the time, he saw the future of media, that it was all going online, and decided to start up a new brand covering the auto industry. His concept was that people are getting inundated with information content from several sources, and the internet promised to change the rules of the game. The idea was to give readers a content hub to scan through every day with tight news summaries, executive interviews, statistical charts, resources and links, and eventually videos and social media. Sort of "one stop shopping" for all things automotive, of interest to leaders in the field.

In October 2009, AD started up Automotive Digest Weekly Green during a time when groundbreaking news and developments were coming out Detroit, Washington, California, and across the globe on a daily basis. It's siblings include Dealer Digest Daily, Dealer Management Weekly, and Fleet Management Weekly. ADW Green is trying things on a bit differently, with this blog and its Twitter page. Covering green machines is a good place to do it -- a brand new industry with technology innovations and product launches that would have been unbelievable not long ago. And it's in the Automotive Digest family, a good place to be for resources, team talent and support, and a respected brand name to fly under.


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