Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I love my family and friends coworkers. They're the best. They aren't, however, perfect and I found that out when my readership suddenly and without warning increased.

"You should start a blog." -Kelsey
"Okay, nobody would read it anyways, why not?"- Me (albiet a bit more naive)

type type type type type..... Publish Post..... Click.

"Hey Kayla I like your blog" -Coworker 1
"You have a blog? Hey everybody, Kayla has a blog!" -Coworker 2
"Someone told me you had a blog"- all other coworkers
"We were all reading your blog at work today" - Mom
"My dad said he likes your blog"-Aaron Mize
"Mommy showed me your blog"-Dad
"Can I link your blog on my blog? Danielle did on her blog!"- Erin

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It's being passed around like a peace pipe people! It's getting to a point that my blog is synonymous with the Lindbergh baby.
So now I fret with every word that I write that I must please the people! Now I know why celebrities get addicted to crack and start rambling about tiger blood.


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