Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Resentment for, and Addiction to, Automotive News

Automotive News is a unique info source for car biz coverage. I resent that my paid subscription is running out and I have to decide whether to come up with more or lose my access. In the meantime, here are four stories from the weekly issue that really stood out:

Fisker Automotive Inc. plans to use its recently acquired, former GM, plant in Delaware in part to build vehicles for other automakers. Fisker plans to use only one-third of an installed 300,000 units of capacity at the plant in Wilmington, Del., for its vehicles, which will be built there in late 2012.

The Chevrolet Volt turned in a lackluster performance for efficiency in its first series of cold-weather road tests, according to Consumer Reports. Fun to drive, ride is good, but doesn’t make financial sense, according to the magazine’s auto test center director. The Volt fell short of its maximum range potential under battery power. People seeking value and fuel efficiency are better off with hybrids like the Prius and Ford Fusion.

Toyota aims to slash the cost of hydrogen fuel cell technology before it starts selling its fuel cell sedan in 2015. The company plans to tackle costs several ways, including using less platinum in the fuel stack, fewer components, and simplifying the design.

Rolls-Royce, of all companies, has built an electric vehicle. The Phantom EE, unveiled at the Geneva auto show, is a concept. And the company is quick to say that it's nowhere near production. It will have the largest battery pack ever fitted to a passenger car, the company said.


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