Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pontius Pilate

Weird me:
So I was in "big church" on Sunday at home in Allen and the sermon was on Pontius Pilate. There happened to be this lovely picture of him on every slide in the powerpoint presentation.

Naturally this inspired my artistic creativity..... and they wouldn't put so much blank space in the bulletin if they didn't encourage doodling....right? Right. Ergo my first version of Pilate:

When I leaned the paper over to show Aaron we both snorted in a pathetic attempt to hold our laughter in. Aaron thinks my Pilate is something akin to Voldemort:

I don't know how he could possibly think that.
Naturally, attempt one was a failure... so I tried again:

I realize this looks like an Incan/Aztecan emperor. When I was drawing Pilate's roman guard helmet, you know the ones that look like red brooms glued on a hat, I realized (after Aaron so aptly pointed it out) that the fringe does not indeed go sideways, but forward. So I did my best with what I had and drew this guy to hide my idiocy.

So maybe my blog shouldn't be weird family, weird life... maybe it should be "I attract all weirdness"


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