Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cake Boss

I have a confession. I love Cake Boss. Before the judging commences allow me to defend my position by adding that the reason I (and possibly Aaron too) love this show is because it is the worst cake making company with the most annoying employees which results in an hilarious half hour of entertainment.

Let me present the facts:
1. Buddy Valastro thinks he is amazing.

Which is obviously true.

2. Buddy thinks his cakes are amazing

Needless to say, based on these disproportionately huge paintball ninja men and the over kill splatter paint, they are not.

3. Buddy says the following at least once an episode
"And the more I'ma addin, the better she's a lookin'".... which is never true.
(hence above cake)

4. Every two to three episodes Buddy lures an employee outside and dumps water and flour on them from the roof top. Somehow they never expect it.

5. Buddy has 4 Italian sisters who never stop yelling the entire time.

Peeps, this show is amazing. Please watch it. Trust me.


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