Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weird maybe, but good.

Of my dad, I'm a really great fan.
On lunch breaks he's outside to tan.
He goes to the gym
so that he might win
award for world's greatest man.

I believe he stayed in West Tower,
a week early he sent birthday flowers.
Flax seed and whole wheat,
He's a dad with great dadly powers.

My mother's the bestest of friends
on her I can always depend,
She loves to help me,
decorate anything.
Her good taste and high style don't end.

Her forte is baked goods and cookies;
in the kitchen she's far from a rookie.
glasses always lost,
toes cold as frost,
She's pretty, just take a looky.

My sister is more than just funny,
She's rich and she makes LOTS of money,
Her hair is like fire,
she wears strange attire,
she's dangerous when holding a gunny.

She makes faces like Jabba the Hut.
And she's got a big bubble butt.
She has jelly wrist,
which I don't think exists.
And she acts like a huge mental nut.

My sister once looked like a boy,
a joke she now doesn't enjoy.
She has a great heart,
and magical farts,
plastic grapes were her favorite toy.

She shops at the store called Lane Bryant
but she's probably their very worst client.
you see she's quite skinny,
she comes in size mini,
If you saw her you'd know I ain't lyin'.

My brother is new to the lot.
He's the only brother I've got.
his shimmy's the worst
in family jokes he's quite versed.
And he wears lots of argyle socks.

He's more than just my new bro,
in hand bells I've heard he's a pro.
he thought I was kept,
in a cage where I slept,
But we met and our friendship did grow.

My family is the very best.
I consider myself more than blessed.
as you can see,
they're weird just like me,
And they're better than all of the rest.


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