Thursday, June 23, 2011

So before I begin let me say first that if this comes out a bit angry or perturbed, please know that it is because this is the third time I have written this post due to blogger's inability to save it as a draft today. (I think the nervous tick will be gone soon)

This week began with Tara (the woman for whom I nanny) texting me to inform me that her neighbor's nephew would be dropping by to mow the lawn. You're thinking, "That was nice of her to tell you so you wouldn't be surprised when a stranger knocked on the door and asked to walk through the house to the backyard." That would have been nice, had it been her intention, but by reading our text conversation below, you will see that it was not.

T: Mike and I just hired a cutesy guy to do our lawn tomorrow. Y'all will prob fall in love. But y'all need to make the love connection fast bc he is only visiting his uncle Craig for a week.

Me: I have a boyfriend. Rude.

T: But not Justin.

Me: I'll have to see. (Aaron read (third time I've typed this, third time I've spelled read "red". I'm an idiot) this conversation and was understandably appalled at this point. I assured him I only responded this way to put an end to it.)

T: I knew you would be open to it. He goes back to Lufkin to start high school soon so the connection needs to be super fast.


Never mind the fact that he hails from no-man's land out in east Texas.

Never mind the fact that he's related to Tara's crazy neighbor Craig, who calls her son "mister grayum "MISTER GRAYUM!!!!" (cue uncomfortable and slightly frightened baby)

Never mind that I HAVE A BOYFRIEND.

He's in middle school.


Me: Oh so this is like a statutory relationship.

T: He is so nice!

Me: Gross.


So he did come over, he was almost half my age, and he didn't know how to mow a lawn, nor close the garage door.

This is the poor 14 year old boy trying to pull a mower that is all but larger than he is.

In all fairness he was really nice.... I just don't think I'm interested. Somebody else was though...

Now, to make it up to Aaron for having entertained Tara, I will post a picture of us to prove our love.

The end.


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