Thursday, November 26, 2009

Global Warming With the Lid Off

From the Wall St. Journal. You've heard about this on TV--the emails showing that climate data was purposely falsified to reflect a warming climate. Well, here's more of the story.

This was the biggest political rip-off of the century...or at least COULD HAVE BEEN, and it was all done Bernie Madoff-style. A whole new "energy economy" was in the making so the rich and influential could STAY that way...including T. Boone Pickens, country leaders, politicians, etc. Our own economy was in the toilet, and Obama was going to see it stayed that way, so money and attention would be diverted into this "new" Wall Street with no rules or regulations--energy trading. Al Gore was their pitch man.

The energy credits exchange was already set up in London, where foreign traders wouldn't be subject to taxes, or if they did, the taxes would be another write-off. The U.S. "credits" were already cornered by G.E. These energy traders would be the new Masters of the Universe--the rest of us wouldn't be able to go anywhere, do anything, or make anything without having to seek permission (through energy credits/a.k.a. "pollution credits") to do so. We peons would all be thrown back into Third World status practically overnight.

Global warming was just the beginning...pile this on top of Health Care "Reform" and all the goodies hidden in THAT trap, and Universal Savings (yet to come), and all the other "universals" in the wings, and you'd have Obama's America--and Uncle Sam's REAL plantation! We'd be so under the thumbs of government, it wouldn't be funny.

Speaking of under thumbs, you see who fell hook, line, and sinker for this marketing scheme--the most susceptible of us all to marketing: Europe, who is ALREADY under government thumb pressure, and Liberals, who WANT to be under government thumb pressure because they can't think or do for themselves.

Here's what I wrote about global warming back in 2007:
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Now I'm going to have my moment: I TOLD YOU SO!!! Our last weapon to fight this stuff off is our vote--vote the incumbents and anyone else OUT unless you can verify they're moderates. Progressives MUST go!


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