Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Personal Abdication--2009 Style

I've talked about personal abdication before in this article. It seems to keep evolving and changing players, but not locations.

Once again, as stated in my article, I saw another homeless fraud on the way to Sam's Club--this one was a woman who was clean, well dressed with brand-new Army flak jacket (appropriate for these cold mornings), hair fixed, and begging. She had taken the same position the man had previously--that turn lane to Sam's must be a lucrative one!

The man who used to hang out there was either arrested, or holding another lucrative corner, because I hadn't seen him lately. What I HAVE seen is a slow increase in the number of people living under a freeway overpass we travel under to get to Sam's. Every now and again, the cops will clear this area out--they're way overdue.

At least this woman wasn't advertising herself to be a homeless vet like the guy was. Instead, she simply dressed in Army/Navy surplus clothing and IMPLIED it.

Do you have any idea how much money these people rake in TAX FREE? I'm all for free enterprise, but not THIS kind...this is straight-up fraud. They could be more blatant about it by setting up a booth outside the exit from Sam's like everybody else who begs for money--the Scouts (pick your flavor), various Little League/Peewee teams, numerous drill and glee teams, even the local paper was hawking subscriptions with a free tool set for each one.

How long before Joe and Jane Sixpack can set up a booth begging for donations for the Sixpack Family Fund? When are the Sam's Club roadside beggars going to either be arrested for begging without a permit, or worse, drag some kids out there to garner more sympathy from the car crowd?

As I write this, plenty of aluminum cans go uncollected (despite our city recycling efforts), plenty of plastic water bottles go uncollected, plenty of tree limbs and pinecones go uncollected and can be used for fires, and plenty of blood, sperm, and eggs go uncollected (some of these are VERY valuable--one egg can fetch as much as $50k).

If one applies their imagination, there are ways to support one's self without having to resort to annoying and possibly illegal begging. Even resorting to succumbing to Obama's whims has huge payoff--he wants you sucked into the Social Service system so badly, he lowered the requirements. Getting food stamps, welfare, public housing of some sort (even shelters), and even government-sponsored cell phones are just mere signatures away. You don't even have to work in this day and age--just be willing to let Obama's party support you in exchange for your vote. Where do you suppose the $787B stimulus (our tax money) went? It went mostly to funding the social services and redistributing our wealth.

Look for more of this to occur in 2010 and 2012--just in time for midterm and general elections.

Countless people went on unemployment (and never came off until it ran out) because it meant more money than actually working--unfortunately, that "free money" was taxable, and now they owe the IRS. It's tough to collect from an unemployed person, so people go on being unemployed...LEGALLY unemployed. They now beg on the corners and freeway exits, rip off other people and businesses (especially those tip jars and fund-raising jars for accident victims), steal cars, go into abandoned homes and steal copper and other metal for cashing in, and all manner of other things looking for that quick buck. Or they gave in, signed up, and are now on Obama's plantation--sacrificing dignity, freedom, and individuality along the way.

I'm (again) all for making a buck, preferably under the radar for tax purposes, but committing crime is a whole different matter. The tax code practically SPELLS OUT how to make a living without being taxed, and how much you can make without raising the eyebrows of the IRS--the trick is learning to live within those parameters so you STAY under the radar.

Standing on the side of a well-trafficked exit lane (where cops even go) is NOT a smart move to begin with when you don't have permission from the city (via permit) to be there. Compounding the error with a "homeless vet" get-up (in a military town, mind you) doesn't do it either, especially when you're clean, have neat clothes, and your hair is fixed. It didn't work for me when the guy out there last year had a leather coat on and was shaven!

This was a public display of stupidity more than homelessness--stupidity on the part of the participant as well as the people who fell for it and handed money over.

I say stupidity because:
1. There's no such thing as a homeless vet unless he/she WANTS to be. The VA has a multitude of homeless/unemployed vet programs, including subsidized housing and priority on public housing, shelter, and rehab lists.

2. To pick a corner that cops travel by is stupid in itself, unless you WANT to risk arrest...which leads to a comfy cell and three square meals a day, plus free clothing and access to showers.

3. There are plenty of social services in the area, so why expose yourself and your fraud to the elements when you don't have to? Our current leader will set you up for life (or until the next election) with free shelter, free food, free transportation, free communication, free counseling, free daycare, and just about anything else your little heart may desire...provided you do your part to keep his party in power, and this may mean becoming part of a protest (or anti-protest) group, pushing Obama's agenda despite your personal feelings, and begin thinking that God (Obama) will provide, sacrificing your own freedom, dignity, and individuality in the process.


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