Saturday, January 2, 2010


In Al-Qur`An explained that people who denied to Allah of swt. [is] one who do not know and or realize the existence of Allah marking. differentiating a moslem with him [is] its ability to see the the marking and its evidences. He/She know that any this [do] not be created fruitlessly and he/she even also can realize strength and also supremacy of Allah art where even also and know the way of worshiping Him. He/She who is the including one who are is sensible
" Yes our God, no Thou create this fruitlessly. Mahasuci Thou, hence looking after us of hell torture." ( Ali Imran: 191
[At] some sentence of Al-Qur`An, expression like " didn't you pay attention?", " there are marking to one who is sensible" important emphasizing [of] him of bertafakur see marking existence of Allah. Allah create many matter which no breaking to be gazed at. Each;Every which in the sky and under the sun and also among both [is] Allah creation of swt. and like that become contemplation to one who to think. One of [the] sentence exemplify about Allah the infinite
" He/She grow to you with that rainwater [of] tanam-tanaman; olive, date, out of job, and all kinds of fruits. Real, [at] like that really there [is] sign ( power of Allah) to clan thinking of." ( an-Nahl: 11
We earn to gaze at a moment about sentence above, that is about date tree. Date grow from very small seed ( seed size measure at the most 1 cm3). Of this seed grow the one tree with tired length 4-5 wt. and m can reach hundreds of gram kilo. One needed [by] matter [is] the seed to be able to lift heavy burden [is] land;ground where he grow.
How seed item know the way of forming a tree? How seed " thinking" to melt with certain compound


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