Saturday, January 2, 2010

That Death Near by

That Death Near by
Basically, clan making account of earthly [is] stupid, improper, and its mind skin-deep. Life they [do] not pursuant to logic, but them live errantly and wrong confidence and also follow presumption ending in by mistake. One of [the] this by mistake [is] confidence of them about death. They believe that death [is] something that needn't be thought of.
In fact, what they [do/conduct] [is] irrational by disregarding death. Without thinking of [him/ it], they believe that they earn to avoid that event. However, this matter like ostrich engulfing its head into sand for the mengindari of danger. Disregarding danger [do] not make that danger lose. On the contrary, people [of] berisiko face danger without owning preparation. As a result, he will accept surprise of larger ones again. [Do] not as does the faithful which [is] death mentafakuri and prepare x'self to this very important fact, truth to experience of [by] all human being which [is] life. Allah warn heathen in His sentence
" Tell, ' Really, death which you run from him, hence in fact that death will meet you, later;then you will be returned to ( Allah), knowing real and occult, then He/She report on to you you what have do.'" ( al-Jumu'ah: 8
Death is not " disaster" which must be forgotten, but important Iesson which teach to life meaning human being which in fact. Thereby, death ought to become circumstantial food for thought. A moslem will really is gazing at [of] this important fact with wisdom and seriousness. Why all human being live [at] a period of/to certain and later;then die? All mortal is not everlasting. This indicate that human being [do] not have the power of and unable to contest Power of Allah.


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