Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical

The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical
Education and Research (FAIMER)
There are many approaches to achieving better health for all.
FAIMER seeks to contribute to the improvement of the health
of communities through the improvement of health professions
FAIMER concentrates its efforts in developing regions in South
Asia, Africa, and Latin America and focuses on three specific
strategies: faculty development, targeted research that informs
health workforce policy and practice, and collecting and tracking of
data that advances educational quality improvement decisions.
FAIMER participates in the global dialogue on improving
international health professions education and actively seeks
collaborations with a broad range of partners with whom it can
learn and share experiences on how to best respond to the needs
of communities. Through this collective exploration and problemsolving,
FAIMER strives for tangible results from the activities that it
believes will lead to healthier communities. These activities are:
Creating Educational Opportunities for Health Professions
Educators that support the exchange of educational expertise,
acquisition of new methodologies in teaching and assessment,
development of leadership skills, and pursuit of advanced degrees
in health professions education. Page 7.
Discovering Patterns and Disseminating Knowledge about the
relationship between health professions education and health care,
and the impact of physician workforce and migration issues on the
functioning of health care systems. Page 24.
Developing Data Resources to provide accurate, publicly
available information that promotes an understanding of the world’s
health professions education systems today, and how they should
look tomorrow. Page 28.


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