Saturday, January 2, 2010

International Medical Education Day

International Medical Education Day
Each year, one day of the FAIMER
Institute is designated as International
Medical Education (IME) Day. This day
is devoted to a special topic, providing
additional opportunity for focused
interaction among Fellows. In 2007, the
topic of IME Day was “How Can Health
Professions Education Improve the Health
of Communities? And How Can We Prove
the Linkage?”
Using a high engagement process to
enable maximum participation of those
present, the day was guided by three
• To explore the link between improving
health professions education
and improving the health of the
communities served
• To stimulate possible collaborations
among the participants
• To experience the use of high
engagement, whole-system planning
methods to address the topic
Three guest speakers with different
expertise and vantage points on the
theme of the day stimulated participants
to explore their own experiences and
compare them to successful approaches in
a variety of settings. These guest speakers
and their topics were:
Ruth Levine, Ph.D., Vice President for
Programs and Operations, Center for
Global Development
Topic: What works in public health?
Arthur Kaufman, M.D., Professor and
Chair, Department of Family and
Community Medicine, and Vice
President for Community Health,
University of New Mexico School of
Topic: How can health professions
schools improve health in their
Francisco Campos, M.D., Secretary for
Health Manpower, Ministry of Health,
Topic: Reactions to the day from the
vantage point of Brazil.


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