Saturday, January 2, 2010

International Fellowship in Medical Education

International Fellowship in Medical Education
The International Fellowship in Medical
Education (IFME) program provides
support for selected alumni of the FAIMER
Institute to pursue advanced degrees in
health professions education. The IFME
program allows Fellows to further develop
skills in health professions education,
continue to establish professional
communities with other educators from
around the world, and increase visibility at
their home institutions.
Participants are selected by FAIMER
and matched with appropriate institutions
that have distance learning programs
with a minimal residential requirement.
Currently, IFME Fellows are matriculated
in master’s programs at the University
of Dundee in the United Kingdom,
Maastricht University in the Netherlands,
and the University of Illinois at Chicago.
The IFME program is an educational
pathway that prepares participants to
implement curricular improvements at
their home institutions that can lead to
better health care. Fellows who complete
this pathway will also be well qualified
to take leadership roles in developing
Regional Institutes, centers of ongoing
activity that support curricular innovations
aimed at addressing local health care
In 2007, two FAIMER Institute alumni
were selected to pursue master’s degrees
in health professions education; these
IFME Fellows are listed below.


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