Saturday, May 29, 2010

Avoid Friction

in the sirah (history book) Ibn Hisham, As-an-Nabawiyah Siroh, we are told, one when a group of Jews tried to divide the unity of the Muslims after the tribe of Aus and Khajraj converted to Islam. One of them slipped in between the tribe. The goal, trying to lure (provoking) so that they appear hostile. Jews were again brought up But'ah War, namely the civil war in the Pagan era between the tribe and Khajraj Aus. In addition, poems that contain hostilities also read for their heats. As a result, people and Khajraj Aus ignited and almost any war.

Fortunately, the news soon came to the Prophet SAW. In the presence of the two tribes, the Messenger of Allah said,''O Muslims, remember Allah, remember Allah. Are you going to act like the pagans as I present among you, and God has shown to you with Islam, which is why you became a noble and distanced itself from paganism (idolatry), distancing you from disbelief and make you brothers.''In other events described, never happened misunderstanding between friends and companions of Abu Dhar Bilal bin Rabah.

Abu Dhar said to Bilal,''You son of a black slave.''Prophet who had heard about this very angry. Then, he reminded Abu Dhar with his saying,''It's outrageous, Abu Dhar. People whose mother is white does not have advantages that make it much better than one whose mother is black.''Warning very imprint on myself Abu Dhar. He then laid his head on the ground and vowed not to lift before Bilal set foot on his head. Prophet was known to be very firm attitude against ta'ashub ashabiyah.

Namely, the spirit of faction and spirit group (party / see the dictionary of al-Munawwir p. 1005). Ashabiyah a human bond on the basis of class, ethnicity, nationalism and narrow. Islam as a religion rahmatan lil 'alamin no distinction between status, class, party, or skin color. Is it rich, poor, white or black, all equal before Allah. What distinguishes only the level of piety. Therefore, should not the Muslims, because trivial issue, continue to hate each other, cursing, or even hostile. Have we forgotten that''Those who believe that the brothers?''(Al-Hujurat: 10).

On the other hand, Allah ordered Muslims are always united in the rope of God, namely Islam. His Word,''Holding the rope teguhlah all of you (religion) of Allah, and do not you divorce disarray.''(Ali Imran: 103). Rasulullah SAW also asserted,''It's not from our group of people who call ashabiyah, people who fought for ashabiyah, as well as those who died defending ashabiyah.''(Abu Dawud). Well, the party may be different, but ukhuwah Islamiyah should still be strengthened. Do not even hate each other, much less hostile.

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