Saturday, May 29, 2010

Loss of Life Blessing

Prophet said, "If my people too glorifying the world, it will be removed from my Ummah Islamic greatness. And if they leave amar nahyi munkar kindness, the blessings of revelation will be hindered." (Narrated by Abu Dawood).

The blessings of life is a life that will always be in line and the provisions of Allah SWT. A life which is capable of providing power to the people to be able to solve every problem that comes overwrite. Blessing is also reflected by the behavior of living human beings who only want to try to find a halal sustenance that will impact on commendable behavior in everyday life.
But in reality, this is the blessing for which exactly very difficult to achieve by the people and this nation.

On one side of the Earth Indonesia is very rich earth, but on the other side of the people are in poverty, backwardness, ignorance, bad condition, and other conditions of concern.

There are at least two main reasons which cause the blessings of life is missing or has been appointed by Allah SWT, namely: first, if Muslims have made the world as a goal in life, regardless of whether the way is taken properly or wrong in the view of Islam.

For example, many people vying for positions without regard to whether the road is taken according to the procedure or not. In the end he took the job in every way and used to enrich themselves and blindly defended.

Second, Muslims have left the activity ma'ruf nahyi munkar amar. How many people who claim to be Muslims but their behavior indicates otherwise. When the Koran requires that each woman's aurat cover (read: the headscarf), for example, then he became someone who opposed it precisely because it is considered as the Arab culture and not merely in accordance with Indonesian culture.

Similarly, when the call came from a number of scholars who memfatwakan usury and illicit pornography, many people who claim Muslims against the pretext of human freedom. This behavior is actually portrayed God:

"Those people hypocrite men and women, some with others is the same, they had to do a munkar and forbade them to do that ma'ruf and menggenggamkan hands. They had forgotten God, and God hath forgotten them. Lo! Hypocrites are those who rebel. " (Surat At-Taubah: 67). If this still continues, and always continue to happen, then the blessings of life is just going to be a dream. Hopefully we will realize this and strive to always improve.

Source: Republika Online


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