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Give something to other people is basically a righteous deeds. Rasulullah SAW strongly encourage his people to be able to provide something useful to others. He once said,''Hand over hand is better than under.''But,what if the gift or giving it a political?

In a narration, the Prophet PBUH never blamed the actions that took the prize Lutbiyah IBN that he gets the time was serving as collector of zakat. About IBN Lutbiyah attitude, the Prophet SAW said,''... with the authority given by God to me, I lift one of you to perform a task, (but) he came to report, 'This is for you and for me as a gift. " If he sits alone at home father and mother, whether the gift was coming himself to him, if the goods were indeed as a gift? For God's sake someone does not take something that is not his, but he will face God on Judgement Day with carrying heavy loads of it.''(HR Agreed 'Alaih).

Rasulullah SAW worry gifts given to Ibn Lutbiyah in its status as a charity collector is not purely as a gift, but no other intention than to give. This will affect negatively to the policy. Such prizes can reduce or even eliminate the critical attitude in calculating how much zakat obligation a person, because his tongue has been trampled by the gifts he received. Could even in time of collusion between the obligatory charity, and officers.

Ibn case we can Lutbiyah analogkan in our everyday lives. All commission received by an officer in order to carry out their duties is not entitled. Because, had he not served as an officer, of the prize is not given to him, including the positions of voters in elections for the people who already have the right to vote.

In other words, gifts are not much different from bribes or corruption to get the tender, facility, ease, dispensation, good value, redemption penalties, certain position, or any voice of the people in elections. Thus, something that should not be found can be obtained because it would give the prize.

This tends alms giving or not much different from the behavior of hypocrisy (keshalihan false). He could be a boomerang for the ideals of justice, the potential for acts of tyranny, and the trigger gap and dissension.

If it is done, then maybe people who should not pass a graduation, which should be condemned to be free, who got the tender or any facility are people who want to give gifts, and who was elected to the legislature and the president is not their potential and have credibility the highest but those who want to give gifts aka bribe.

Source: Republika Online


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