Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rights and untruth

And say,''Truth has come and gone untruth.''Lo kesiasian it must vanish. (Sura Al-Isra: 81).

Some time ago a group of people demonstrated against the rules that negate their chances convert generations, the Muslim children. There is an artist's artist pengumbar aurat criticized in public places and on television.

However, on the other hand a lot to shout it out loud to pengumbaran aurat, on the pretext of human rights and artistic creations, do not intervene or forbidden by the Koran.

Rights and untruths will always fight. The fight has been started from Prophet Adam was created with his wife, Eve, who get pleasure living in paradise. Satan, the father of all the triviality-cyan, devised to exclude Adam and his wife from heaven (Sura Al-Baqarah: 36). Satan gets jealous of Adam's glorious place in the side of God.

Jealousy makes him disbelieve in God's command. He then Kufr. Punished with the devil out of heaven. Envy and jealousy turn into resentment. Satan vowed before God will bring all the children of Adam into hell. (QS Al-A'raf: 16-18).

That is the base of untruth and misdirection in the face of this earth. Untruth is kufr and rejection of truth. Misdirection is the devil and his followers attempt to remove the children of Adam and his descendants from the true path of Allah SWT.

However, Allah does not menzalimi His servant and not letting kids just devoured by Satan and Adam's offspring. Even since Adam in paradise, until down to earth Allah has given you instructions and a warning to His servants survived. God told Adam and Eve,''Did I not forbid you both from the trees and I say to you, 'the real enemy Satan is real for both of you'.''(Sura Al-A'raf: 22).

Prohibition of the trees are close to the truth that Allah SWT titahkan to Adam and his wife. However, the devil is not ready for that reality. Then he devised to offset the truth before the eyes of Adam and his wife, so they are both of enjoyment and any slip was an honorable position. They were lowered into the earth.

However, God is still fortify Adam and his descendants from the attacks of Satan and his offspring. He said,''This is a straight road, the obligation I am the [guard]. Behold My servants no authority for you against them, except the people who follow you, that is, people astray.''(Sura Al-Hijr: 39-42).

Finally, by sticking firmly to the path of righteousness which indicated God, we can defeat a variety of triviality and error-fired cyan Satan and his armies.

Source: Republika Online


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