Friday, May 28, 2010


Truly Pharaoh''has done arbitrarily in the earth and its inhabitants make broken to pieces, with a party of oppressing them, slaughtering their sons, and letting children live their women. Truly Pharaoh including those who do mischief.''(Sura Al-Qashas: 4)

Through this verse, Allah describes four properties attached to Pharaoh himself. First, arbitrary actions on earth. Pharaoh was the ruler who has great power and wealth, there's nothing to match that power in his time.

Therefore, he felt entitled to organize, manage, and even do anything at will, although all human beings in this world against it. Ibn Kathir in his commentary suggests that the arbitrary in the face of the earth has three meanings, that is arrogant, enforcing the will, and exceeded the limit. That's all attached to the Pharaoh.

Second, pemecahbelahan inhabitants of the earth. Pemecahbelahan is the most efficient and effective tactics to cripple the enemies who preyed kekuasaanya. This is what Pharaoh against political opponents in order to maintain his power.

He is pitting tribal, between nations, between people who have influence, and antargolongan. When his political opponents clashed violently, as was then that he strengthened the grip of power.

Third, a party of their Oppression. Describes a group of Israelites who hated and persecuted by Pharaoh. Oppression can happen because of concerns that people have the potential to capture or destroy its power.

Fourth, the slaughter of boys and girls letting life. Ibn Kathir pointed out that this policy carried out by Pharaoh because he had a dream that ditakwilkan that there was a boy who was born in his country, which could destroy his power.

Pharaoh was dead at this time, but Firaunisme remain and live in contemporary times even until the end of time. Firaunisme can take the form of institutions, organizations, and state.

State eradicate the infidel Muslims out of the embryo and allowing the Jewish people living embryos. Formerly Afghanistan, now Iraq, maybe later Syria, Iran and other Islamic countries. History always repeats.

And consider, O Muslims, that Firaunisme so big and straddling Muslim countries to this day. However, the strength of Pharaoh be defeated by a United States with the power of Moses teachings of Allah. Arise, O people!

Source: Republika Online


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