Friday, May 28, 2010

Love Messenger

In Islamic history we will discover how much loyalty and love of the friends who unequaled to the Prophet Muhammad. Zaid bin Ad-Du Tsunnah when the Quraish would beheaded by Abu Sufyan was asked,''Zaid! Relakah you suppose that Muhammad is in place, while you are safe and secure in the midst of your family?

Firmly''Zaid said,''Do not is that, even when I'm in a situation like this, I would not be willing to suppose that the Messenger of dicucuk thorn in his house.''Seeing how much love he bersedianya Zaid and redeem the Prophet with a soul body, Abu Sufyan, shaking his head.

He said,''I've never seen someone who loved by his friends as they love Muhammad.''Then Zaid beheaded his neck, died as a martyr. Zaid symbolize love, faith, and loyalty are not of this world against Islam.

Another is a prisoner of the Quraysh ibn Ady Khubaib. When about to be beheaded, he was allowed to ask for prayers first two cycles. After prayers, he said,''By Allah! I wish I did not worry you guys think I'm afraid to face death, prayer would be even longer.''

Before he was murdered on the cross first. When it Khubaib directs that emits a flash of his eyes while praying,''Oh God! Bilanglah number of them! Kill them one by one, and not one of them left!''Hearing the prayers of the Quraysh was startled and dived, worry exposed to curse his prayer.

Knowing he would be sentenced to death, Khubaib who became prisoners of Harris' Uqbah ibn Quraysh leaders first asked for a razor to clean himself in the face of death. When you're shaving, suddenly the child who owns the new smart home limped toward him. Child was sitting on his lap and stroking it tenderly Khubaib.

When wives' Uqbah see her child in similar circumstances, with anxiety took the boy and led him away. Khubaib said,''you worry if my child were killed. Know that my religion forbids its adherents to act treasonous. Therefore, your child will not be my cederai, let alone kill him.''

Once a leader of Quraysh in Mecca was so amazed to find loyalty of the Companions of the Apostle, so he said,''I've never seen Kisra in Persia, the Emperor in Byzantium, and Najasi in Ethiopia. However, I have never seen a king in the midst of his people, like Muhammad among his companions.

Surely they would not surrender however Muhammad.''That should be the attitude of Muslims to the Prophet Muhammad. Since the Prophet had died, the love of his is to practice the teachings and emulate their behavior.

Source: Republika Online


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