Friday, May 28, 2010

Neighboring Adab

By : Didik Hariyanto

Islam enjoins Muslims to be good neighbors. In fact, so often bequeathed to Jibril good neighbor, the Prophet never thought neighbors including heirs. Words of Allah, as narrated by Aisha,''Gabriel always bequeathed to me about the neighbor until I thought that he would inherit it.''(Bukhari-Muslim).

However, it turns out inheritance or legacy is Gabriel is that Muslims always maintain good relations with neighbors. Good neighbors, including spreading the greetings when meeting, greeting, reportedly asked, casting a smile, and send a gift. Word of the Prophet,''O Abu Dhar, if you cook vegetables so perbanyaklah water and share it to your neighbor.''(Muslim).

Look, how light teachings of the Prophet, but the impact is very unusual for us in harmony and social harmony. For gift-giving need not be expensive gifts, but enough to give the daily vegetable we cook.

To maintain good relations with neighbors, he also ordered them to tolerate each other their feelings. ''Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day,''said the Messenger of Allah,''Let him not to hurt his neighbor.''(Bukhari).

Once, a friend asked the Prophet about a woman who was known for diligently carrying out his prayers, fasting, and charity, but he also often hurt his neighbor with her spoken. Messenger asserted,''Pantasnya him in the fire of hell!''

Then, a friend was asked again about another woman carry a little known prayer and fasting, but often spend and not to hurt his neighbor with her spoken. Prophet replied,''He deserves to go to heaven!''(Ahmad).

A woman struggling implement compulsory prayers, night waking, keep thirst and hunger, as well as sacrificing wealth to spend, but became redundant because of bad in the spoken greetings with neighbors. Messenger vowed to people who behave so, three times, with the vow,''By God, no faith, for God does not believe, for God does not believe ...!''

Companions asked,''Who, O Messenger of Allah?''
He replied,''People who neighbors have never felt safe from the bad behavior.''(Bukhari).

One time, Aisha never confused about who among tentangganya should come first. Then, he asked the Prophet, the Messenger of Allah''Yes, I have two neighbors, to whom I must give a gift?''He said,''To the nearest house.''(Bukhari).

Messenger to make moral assessments neighbors as a reference a person's goodness. He said,''The best of friends at the sight of Allah is the best (mind pekertinya) against his friend, the best of the best neighbors are the neighbors.''(Reported by Tirmidhi).

Source: Republika Online


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