Friday, May 28, 2010

Mingling Adab

The rapid industrialization and globalization that is not accompanied with the increase in life coaching was a bad impact on the order of social life in this country.

Hedonism, glamor, egoism, and individualism, now very easily found in our communities. Meanwhile, communality, concord, to-tepa selira's, pertolong-menolongan, and mutual cooperation, began to erode and fade little by little. As a result, the community - especially in urban areas - that would be quite concerned with other community members.

When invited to the meeting of the neighborhood (RT), with a lot of reasons they did not attend, or just pay some money in exchange for their turn ward rounds. So do not be surprised when the then occupier of the house did not know their neighbors because there is no communication, intimacy, and concern for inter.

Neighbors, because it's so close to his position with us, in certain circumstances they are more meaningful when compared with relatives because of the presence of relatives is not always, geographically close to us. Tetanggalah a certain extent we give confidence to manage and oversee property and family when we're traveling far and long enough.

Described in the Koran that orders do good to the neighbors mentioned after the command to not associate the command to worship God and to both parents. The Word of God, that means),''Do not Worship God and to Him with something else.

Be kind to the two men, father and mother, friends, relatives, orphans, poor people, neighbors near and far neighbors, peers, ibn sabil, and bondsmen. Truly Allah loves those who are not arrogant and self boasting.''(Surah An-Nisa: 36)

In line with the importance of neighboring relationships, then whoever neglects the rights of neighboring means has made a big sin that threatened punishment of the Fire. Prophet was also very stressed good relations to the neighbors.

He said,''Gabriel told me to always do good to your neighbors, so I thought if he was entitled to a legacy.''(Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim).

Help, got along well, no harm, and give a defense, a form of good deeds to the neighbors, in addition we also need to glorify them. One of them is by giving a gift, though small in value.

Prophet had advised Abu Zar, he said,''O Abu Zar, if you cook, perbanyaklah water. Give your neighbor.''(Narrated by Muslim) So the greatness of Islam in shaping the harmony of life, up to trivial matters.

However, sometimes we melalaikannya and it boasts the rules derived from the narrow sense and are led by evil lusts, so that inequality arose. And Allaah knows best.

Source: Republika Online


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