Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sugar Through the Lens of Past Cookbooks

I just found a cookbook online that suggests "if money is scarce, cut sugar use to about 3 level tablespoons per person."

The book is Economical War-Time Cook Book, and was written in 1918. Apparently the author was ahead of her time on sugar consumption as far as heart effects go. The American Heart Association made it's ruling on Aug. 29, 2006. Think how many people who died of bad hearts between 1918 and 2006 who could've been saved by knowing this sugar information.

Guess who's going to die of something else, like laughter? I went through this cookbook and found here too, sugar amounts were all over the map--tablespoons all the way up to 2 cups. However, this book did come with a nice surprise on the last page: a recipe on how to can chicken meat. This could come in handy for emergency supplies (meat that doesn't have to be kept frozen). I'm sure there are recipes for canning other meats too--I just have yet to find them.


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