Tuesday, June 1, 2010

He dressed, but naked

By : K Ariyah

Imam Al-Bayhaqi RA narrated that the Prophet never went into the room Aisha bint Abu Bakr, his wife. Meanwhile, with her sister Aisha, Asma bint Abu Bakr, was wearing thin clothing. When the Prophet saw it, he immediately got up and then exit the room. Aisha wonder and then ask the Messenger of Allah.

Prophet replied,''Do not you see her? He is like a Muslim woman should not only this show and this [pointing to the face and the palms of the hands].''

Another History, from Imam Abu Dawood, the Prophet said,''If a child has reached the age of consent women, inappropriate looking from him, besides the face and palms.''

Besides the traditions mentioned above, the Qur'an also describes the problems (female genitalia), as indicated in the letter of the An-Nur: 31 and Al-Ahzab: 59. Once gamblangnya Allah give guidance to mankind provided with reasonable, especially women.

Ironically, the condition of women (Muslim) is currently far from these guidelines. What a treat-treat with the dominant television spectacle aurat. In real life, things are not much different, they dress, but the situation is no different from naked.

Finally, many residents of this country, the majority Muslims, were familiar with such conditions so take it as something normal, which does not need to be changed. In fact if there's been frustrated with the condition, that person is considered strange or even conservative.

If observed, the problem of nudity was not stopped there. Indirectly, it also fosters promiscuity, and even further is the occurrence of moral decadence. Number of babies born outside marriage are increasing rapidly and many other negative impacts as a result pemameran female genitalia.

Of course this condition is far from the picture of life in the Prophet's time to preserve the honor of women. Not only by the women themselves but also one of the country because the country is to maintain a moral duty and religious subjects, so as to create an Islamic society is blessed by Allah SWT. This situation not only past history, but we can make it happen at the present time, of course, through upholding the guidance of the Holy Prophet, the Qur'an and Sunnah. Wallaahu bisawab knows best

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