Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beloved Leader

By: Atik Fikri Ilyas

At the stopover on a journey of the Prophet PBUH asked his companions to prepare food by slaughtering a goat. Immediately several men from a friend that said:''O Allah, I will slaughter a goat.''The other says,''I will be scalped. I'm a cook,''said another friend did not want to miss a dedication to him.

The Prophet smiled at the words and willingness of friends. Then he said,''I would collect firewood.''Hearing the words of him, almost in unison the friends said,''Messenger of Allah, never mind you do not have to work.''

Direct Prophet replied,''I know you will mencukupiku, but I hate when I dilebihkan of you. Surely God hates His servants who want to be treated special between friends.''

So a leader should be. Every leader needs, and even had to emulate the leadership of the Prophet SAW. Although as a leader, even his best man, he does not want his special impression from his neighbor. He always tried to populist, populist.

Also, as a leader he is not only as holders of command,''slave'', but he participated work, mingled with his subjects. Among other things he has always proven to be present to war with the Muslims. Even he is not ashamed to come and lift the rock, digging trenches, during the war Khandak.

In addition, he is away from an authoritarian attitude. He is often in dialogue or consultation with his followers, to receive input or ideas from his subordinates, such tactics in the war of ideas Khandak.

Therefore, according to Mahmud Abbas Aqqad Abqariah Muhammad in his book, among the privileges of leadership of the Prophet SAW is very fond of him and protect weak or poor people, and populists. He is not shy or not shy about protecting, socializing with people the lower classes, "grassroots.

In some versions of which he is happy to eat with his assistants, to sit, speak with the slaves. He even declared that anyone who does not love the people weak, it means outside faction. As mentioned in his saying,''Whoever does not love the weak among us and do not realize their rights respected men among us, then not including our group.''

Attitudes of the Prophet's leadership, among them, which makes him very loved and respected his subjects. Therefore, leaders who want to be loved and respected his subjects should pay attention to grassroots, populist, mingle, and not authoritarian, in taking decisions, and the concept of leadership is necessary to follow the Prophet SAW.

Source: Republika Online


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