Thursday, June 3, 2010

Leaders who PIETY

By: Amir Faishol Fath

PIETY not always synonymous with an attitude away from all matters pertaining to the world. We found among the secret of success is due to Omar in his leadership of his ascetic. Let's look ascetic attitude of Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab, known as a leader who managed to uphold justice in his leadership.

At the time of 'Umar narrated that no one is starving his people. In fact, when one day to be checked by officers Baitul Mal (wealth cash the state), there was no one was willing to receive funding assistance from the state. Ketegasannya Umar with the truth even managed to conquer two of the superpower of its time: the kingdom of Persia and Rome.

Is there Umar with his success became delirious? Arrogant and dissipate with the world? No. Umar was not a leader who easily lulled by the charms of the world. Imam Al Suyuti narrates that Umar always avoid food that is soft and delicious. When asked, 'Umar said,''It's not time to dissipate in the world.''(Tarikhul Khilafat by Al Suyuti, p. 120).

In another narration, Hafsah bin Abil Ashi, when he saw Umar eat bread that is dry and hard, offer to bring the delicious food. Umar immediately responded that he was able to bring a more delicious than that, but he refused, because fear complacent enjoyment of the world that made him forget the Hereafter. Ever Hafsa, daughter, and Abdullah, his son, Umar suggested that enjoy good food. Umar refused.

One day Umar never want to eat delicious fish. Yarfa, a maid, immediately went looking for him. For two days and two nights trip taken to get the fish. Returning Yarfa immediately bathe the horse full of sweat and very tired. When Umar saw the incident, he said,''Do you have to torture animals, only to desire lust Umar. No, wallahi I vow not to taste the food.''

Umar narrated that the clothing is very simple. Ali ibn Abi Talib once saw 'Umar wearing clothes with eleven patches. Anas narrated that he saw 'Umar wearing a shirt with four patch. Uthman Abu Umar narrated throw jumrah ever seen, dressed in patched (Usudul Ghabah, by Ibn Athir, vol 4 p. 168-169).

A very hungry when Umar. He immediately went into his house and then ask the food to his wife. His wife mentioned that there was food under the couch. When Umar took it just a piece of palm and drinking water. Umar then enjoy it with good feelings. After that said,''It's unfortunate people who enter into the belly of hell fire.''That is, put the food into his stomach just because of illegal catch is tasty and delicious food.

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