Thursday, June 3, 2010

Educational Excellence

By: Slamet Riyadi

Undoubtedly''God will exalt those who believe among you and those who were given some degree of science.''(Sura Al-Mujadila: 11). Islam covers all aspects of life, including education. Islam watched with a very large portion.

Even the overall Islamic teachings derived from Quran and Sunnah is an educational and scientific material is extraordinary, not shared by other faiths, as well as other ideologies. History records that the Arabs are illiterate, with Islamic education has been transformed into a pioneer nation, illuminating the world and became a teacher of the world.

Education is the removal of Islamic values derived from Quran and Sunna, the Islamic worldview, and a range of knowledge of Islam, such as interpretation, ulumulquran, ulumulhadis, fiqh, ushulfikih, Arabic language, grammar, sorof, and sirah Prophet; that strengthen our understanding learners. This provision is expected to become the controlling behavior.

In addition, students provided a variety of science and technology skills to increase their ability to live life by sticking to Islamic theology.

With the process of Islamic education, the learners are expected to increase his mind, so it can ingratitude towards God in the form of sensory perception and its heart (Sura An-Nahl: 78) and did not fall to a lower degree of livestock (Sura Al-Araf: 179 ).

Islam has encouraged men to their studies and equip themselves with knowledge. Allah is saying,''Say, 'Is there the same people who are not knowledgeable with knowledgeable? Those who are able to receive lessons berakallah '.''(QS Az-Zumar: 9).

Prophet preach how high the position of knowledgeable people (scholars). He had the privilege to intercede for the people on the Day of Judgement by Allah's leave. He said,''There are three groups who will intercede on the Day of Resurrection: the prophets, the clergy, and the martyrs.''(Reported by Ibn Majah)

With the provisions of Islamic science that is owned completely, a Muslim or Muslim societies can sterilize the ideas and laws of Kufr. They will view Islam is higher than others and Islamic law is better than ignorance of law (Qur'an, anymore: 50). They are not dazzled by the progress of science and Western technology.

They looked at the science and technology are universal, can be extracted and owned by anyone. It is not the automatic adoption should adopt the thinking, ethics, law and western culture. Almighty Allah tells us,''Bertaqwalah in God, Allah will teach science to you!''

Source: Republika Online


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