Thursday, June 3, 2010

The discovery of God

By: Joseph W

The figure in the twilight's pensive. When the night has become dark, she saw stars, and then he said,''This is my Lord''. However, when it set, he said,''I do not like to the sink.''Later, when he saw the moon uprising, he said,''This is my Lord''.

However, after the moon sets, he said,''Surely, if my Lord guide me not, I certainly including the people astray.''Later, when he saw the sun rise, he said,''This is my Lord, this larger '', but when the sun has set, he said,''O my people, in fact I am innocent of what ye associate.''(Sura Al-An'am: 76-78).

Thus, the Creator of the search process ever undertaken by the Father of Prophets, Ibrahim Khalilullah, with the understanding of natural phenomena coupled with clear consciousness, starting from the beginning of a series of causes and achieve the discovery of the Lord of the Universe.

So did we, each of us has been endowed with a natural ability to examine a comprehensive view. Through the senses, we no longer see nature as a mere collection of parts that mutual isolation, but must be watched kesalinghubungan in inter division and its origins in common.

Circulation of the sun and moon (Sura Ar-Rahman: 5), rain and variety of fruits (Sura Al-Baqarah: 22), the wind for pollination (Sura Al-Hijr: 22), geography and cosmology (Sura Al-Ghashiya : 18-20), and the benefits of iron (Sura Al-Hadid: 25), is part of the natural phenomenon which must be integral to our understanding. Then comes the conclusion and conviction about the existence of God, the Creator (QS Fussilat: 53).

Furthermore, as we are told by the Prophet that he was sent to all mankind since his time until the end of time later, by bringing the Qur'an as a miracle, to weaken (li ikjazi) argument unbelievers. It has been proven that the Koran is really the word of Allah, not Muhammad SAW ummi artificial, or man-made famous Arab poets (Sura Al-Baqarah: 23).

Finally, with the Message of the Prophet SAW and notification of the Koran, then we know that God (Ilah) was God, as described in the Letter of Luqman verse 25,''Surely, if you ask them, 'Who created the heavens and the earth? " Of course they will say, 'God'. Say, 'Praise be to Allah', but most of them do not know.''Allaah knows best.

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