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Islamic leaders in

By: Maryanto Priyambodo

In Islamic teachings, choosing a leader is a religious obligation that should not be ignored. Rasulullah SAW said,''It is not lawful (justified) for the three Muslim men who resided in one place, except when they select and appoint one of them as leaders.''(Reported by Abu Dawood).

Commenting on the hadith, the great scholar Ibn Taymiyyah said that lifting the leader on human affairs is one of the greatest religious obligations. Seen from paragraph 56 letter-Nisa 'and the hadith above, the participation of Muslims in Election 2004 is a part of worship to Allah SWT and it should be realized that participation would be accounted for in the world and in the Hereafter. So, in the context of choosing the leader of Islam to give the terms a person deserve to be the leader among others:

First, the religion of Islam, faithful, and obedient. Because each of the leadership was closely linked to the achievement of an ideal, then the leadership must be in the hands of a leader who believes in Allah. Allah strictly forbids us to lift or make unbelievers as a leader. The Word of God Almighty,''Let not the believers take disbelievers became leader (patron) to leave the believers. Whoever did so would unplug it from God's help.''(Sura 3: 28).

Secondly, have good morality, that is not fond of doing acts of sin and sinners are like corruption, manipulation, lies, and treasonous. The leaders must have a certain character's admirable, always telling the truth, firmly holding the mandate, and do not like adulterous to God.

Third, the knowledge of knowledge. Should an elected leader who has the knowledge that include knowledge of state administration, politics, law, and most importantly the knowledge of religion. Allah describes the prototype of such a leader in the Koran,''said Joseph, 'Let me state treasurer (Egypt), actually I was good at keeping people, more knowledgeable'.''( QS 12: 55)

Fourth, have the ability. Imam Al-Mawardi in his book Al-As-Sulthaniyah ahkam said,''A leader should be a solid faith and takwanya, noble moral, and capable of being fair and honest, knowledgeable and intelligent, able to run the task (competence) and consequently ( istiqamah) mandated responsibility to him, physically and spiritually healthy, and he must have the ability and courage to uphold justice and to implement ma'ruf amar nahi munkar.''

Fifth, have a high concern for people and have the nature of love. Allah is saying,''Now hath come unto you a messenger from thy people themselves, it seemed to him severe pain, faith and salvation is eager for you, so again loving compassion towards the believers.''(Sura 9:128).

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