Thursday, June 3, 2010

The virtue of Charity Jariyah

By: M Fuad Nasar

Prophet never expressed any charitable jariyah primacy among all kinds of virtues, that reward is still flowing, although people who do have gone (died). He said,''If the death of Adam (humans), then disconnect it to his credit except for three things, namely jariyah alms, the science that was made use by humans, and a pious child who prays for him.''(Ahmad).

In following tradition, and some other traditions which together mean, Allah mentions some kind of charity jariyah related directly to the public interest. He said,''Truly good works that would follow a believer after he died later is the science which he taught and spread, a pious child he left behind, Qur'anic manuscripts which he transmitted to offspring, the mosque which he built, the house where he founded the traveler stopped , river water (irrigation) that he circulate, and charity that he spend at a time when healthy and alive.

All of this will follow him when he died later.''(Reported by Ibn Majah and Bayhaqi). Islam gives more value to the charity that benefits longer and more scar in the lives of fellow creatures. Jariyah charity that can be grouped into three areas of development, namely education and science development, physical development or materialism, and spiritual or religious development. Registration for the benefits of others, for it is also the virtue and reward from Allah.

In Priority Fiqh, cleric Yusuf al-Qardhawi big states,''If the Muslims want to understand and have faith that right, and know the meaning of fiqh of priorities, then he will feel greater happiness and a stronger spiritual atmosphere, every time he can divert funds Hajj (for those who have never fulfilled mandatory) is to keep orphans, feeding the hungry people, provide shelter displaced people, treat the sick, educate the ignorant people, or to provide employment opportunities to the unemployed.''According to Prof Dr Muhammad Al-Bahi in his book Islam in the Life of His people, people who seek her destiny keridhoan God would have done for the benefit of fellow alive.

That way, every Muslim to be reminded never stop planting virtue and good service in this life. That means that will lead us to the happiness of the world and salvation in the hereafter. Rasulullah declared,''Even though doomsday was happening, was in the hands of one of you still have the seeds of dates and he's still strong enough to plant it, let him plant the seed, because there is a reward for her reward.''(Bukhari). And Allaah knows best.

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