Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Justice In Law

By: Dawn Kurnianto

One time, az-Zubayr ibn Urwah, one Prophet, Az-Zuhri told about the incident that he witnessed during the Prophet's life. At that time, he said, Urwah saw there was a woman named Fatima al-Makhzumiyyah, daughter of the head of the tribe of Al-Makhzumi, on the day of Mecca who was caught stealing Fathu.

So, his nation asked to Usama bin Zaid the famous close of the Prophet, because his father, Zaid bin Harithah, is the adopted son of the Prophet. They see Osama and asked him to help the chieftain's daughter so that would not be punished by the Prophet.

So, come Usama to the Prophet to describe the intent and purpose of his arrival. Hearing the words of Usama, the Prophet's countenance was changed. He said,''Are you going to question the legal provisions that had been established by God?''Usamah later said,''Forgive me, O Messenger of Allah.''

By late afternoon, standing in front of the Prophet his companions while berkhutbah by first praising God because He is the owner of all praise:''Surely the destruction of the nations before you all are caused by their own deeds. When one of which is considered a position to high-stealing, they missed it or did not punish him.

However, when there was a lower perceived, is weak in terms of material, or the poor who do not have anything, and ordinary people, they punished him. Know, for the sake of the soul Substance Muhammad was in his power, if Fatimah daughter of Muhammad stole, I would cut off his hand.''(Bukhari No. 4304).

After that, the Prophet ordered to cut off the hands of Fatimah al-Makhzumiyyah it. And after the execution of the sentence was finished, the Prophet declared that their repentance accepted by God. And, the woman was undergoing a normal life, married and working as usual. Until one day he came to A'isha to apply a requirement on the Prophet and he accepted.

Hadith which includes stories like the above is also narrated by Imam Muslim in his Sahih, Imam al-Tirmidhi in his Sunan, Imam Abu Dawud in his Sunan, Imam Al-Nasai in his Sunan, Imam Ibn Majah in Sunan His, the Imam Ahmad ibn Hambal in his Musnad, and also Imam Malik bin Anas in al-Muwatta him. Thus, this hadith can be ascertained its validity because it was narrated almost by priests scholars of hadith.

The Prophet wanted to teach mankind to make no distinction between one person to another within the law. All are equal, nothing is above the law. Because, the distinction in law is a source of destruction among the generations before us. The economic crisis prolonged, the nation that always dogged by problems, social unrest is great, is the impact of the existence of unjust laws.

The law is the law, he must on anyone associated with it. It is expected that by the Prophet Muhammad with the ultimate goal of achieving justice.

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