Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fellow Muslims Valentines

By: Kusrini Ambarwati

Prophet sent by Allah to this earth as God's mercy or compassion to the entire universe. He is a perfect example of a decent human being a role model for all mankind, especially for those who expect God's grace and success of the hereafter, in addition to the success of the world.

Of course, the presence of him as the messenger of Allah to mankind is not just as Muhammad personally, but as a messenger carrying the message of Islam that its application is certainly realize a mercy to all mankind, even the entire universe.
One of the Shari'a is the teaching that grace the carrier about the nature of grace or love itself, which is part of good morals according to Islamic law.

Shari'a motivate and commands us Muslims to have that character. Even Islamic law provides various picture of grace or love it in various forms. Among them are we asked to be humble to a fellow believer, fellow Muslims. Whatever the socio-economic and political status, whatever ethnic origin, race, and language; a Muslim should not we respect and we're dealing with an arrogant attitude.

Because, in essence a Muslim is one with the other Muslims are like one body. They are like a head with legs, like a mouth with the stomach. In the sahih Al-Bukhari narrated from ibn Basyir Nukman who said that the Messenger of Allah said,''You see people believer in mutual affection, warm relationships, and feeling, between them, like the body. If one limb complains, the whole body will feel the fever and could not sleep.''

Naturally, his fellow Muslims modest mutual respect and mutual, not mutually degrading and humiliating. More than that, they love each other and hang out with warmth and togetherness. Are like one body. Even the friendly attitude was also shown to non-Muslims who respect the integrity of the Muslims and recognized the sovereignty of the Islamic Shari'a, even if they do not believe in Islam.

In Sunan Al-Bayhaqi narrated a hadith from Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-Ash RA that the Messenger of Allah said,''Those who are merciful will be loved by God Ar-Rahman, love anyone on earth would you be loved by the residents the sky.''

Of course, for the infidels who were hostile to the Muslims, not in place of the Muslims love them. As Allah Almighty says,''Muhammad is the messenger of God and the people with him are hard against the unbelievers, but berkasih love their neighbor.''(Sura al-Fath: 29).

Therefore, let us develop this love as a guide the Most Merciful of the merciful. Who else would care for our fellow Muslim brothers, if not our own because it's impossible Muslim infidels give affection to the Muslims without any catch.

Source: Republika Online


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