Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lie To The Public

By: A Ilyas Ismail

In a sound hadith explained that the three cases is seen as a source of major sins (al-akbar kaba'ir), ie up partners to God, dare to do evil things to the mother-father, and takes a false oath or make the lie to the public (Bukhari and Muslim). In another narration explained, on one day, after prayers Shubuh, Muhammad went up into the pulpit, giving discourses. He said,''Adalat qawlu al Zuri al-igyrak bi God.''(False oath comparable to shirk or associating partners with Allah). It is said, the Prophet repeated the same statement three times.

Then, he read this verse,''And whoever exalts what is honorable in the sight of Allah, then it is better for him at the sight of his Lord ... so shun it for yourselves unclean idols and shun false deeds.''(Al-Hajj: 30). Qawlu al-zur words, as mentioned in paragraph above, according to al-Ashfahani linguists, refers to an act which deviated (al-inkhiraf) and deviated from the truth (al-ma'il 'an al-haqq). To shirk or associating partners with God, because it deviated from the doctrine of monotheism, was named zur. Similarly, mayhem or unjust act, because it deviates from justice, also named zur (Al-Furqan: 4).

This implies that every word and deed that is against God's laws are essentially a lie. In our society, lies that are usually associated with the pledges. People who like to break a promise, making a false oath, or to give false testimony, then he is said to have committed a lie. In modern language, false promises, perjury, and false testimony was called a lie a lie to the public alias on the communities and people at large.

According to Rashid Rida's great thinkers, lies to the public that pointed to violations of all contracts and legal transactions are conducted by humans either comes to politics, economics, law, and defense and security. In this sense, every deceit, trespass, and fraud that have the potential to harm others, much less detrimental to the people, identified as a lie to the public.

In Islam, deceit in all its forms, as has been stated, is strictly prohibited. Perpetrators threatened with severe punishment and disqualified from the ranks of Islam. The term for them is only three, there's nothing else, the infidels, impious, and hypocritical. Infidels are those who disbelieve in God. Is wicked and against those who violate God's laws. Meanwhile, evil hypocrite is a person who acted properly.

He is like a wolf in sheep's clothing. However, they are essentially the same, that is the enemy of God and the enemies of the believers. Therefore, they should not be trusted, and they do not have to talk to be heard. Believers actually have to be careful and vigilant against them. The Word of God,''They are the enemy (the fact), so beware of them. May Allah destroy them. How are they deluded away from the truth?''(Al-Munafiqun: 4). And Allaah knows best!

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