Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To love for the Prophet

By: Makmun Nawawi

As narrated by al-Baghawi that Tsauban are slaves to the Prophet who was once in love with him, but a little patience. One day, when the Messenger of Allah see him, his expression immediately changed.

Then the Prophet asked him,''Why change color of your face?''He said,''I'm not sick, O Messenger of Allah, except I just can not look at you. I feel so lonely and filled with dread that extraordinary. Fear and loneliness is just missing until I met you. Then I remember the hereafter and I returned overwhelmed by fear to see if I can not see you because you raised and collected with the other Prophets. As for me, if I get to heaven I may not be able to stay close to you. However, if it does not go to heaven, I certainly will not be able to see you again forever.''

After that, descend paragraph:''He who obeys Allah and His messenger, they will be together with people who are blessed by God's favor, the prophets, honest people, those who died as martyrs, and those saints. Those are my best friend.''(Sura An-Nisa: 69).

That piece of the love story of the Companions to the Prophet. A sincere love of the sacred, which no other tendencies and interests unless, Allah's pleasure. Before long, people are fascinated by the appearance of Quraish Prophet. Fascination grew stronger after the people of Quraysh embraced Islam, so much interaction with the Prophet.

To embody the sincerity of his love, the friends are not only sacrificing power, physical, and property, but also dedicate their lives. Zaid ibn Datsinah just a small example of the friends whose names are engraved as a martyr for the sake of love to redeem the Prophet.

Abu Sofyan, who was then still polytheists, saying to Zaid bin Datsinah (who will be killed),''You are so despicable Zaid! Sukakah you, if your position is now replaced with a decapitated Muhammad and his neck? And you get back together with your family?''

Zaid replied,''By Allah! I will not be happy if the prophet who is now in place even if hit by a thorn, while I sat with my family!''

Hearing that, Abu Sufyan had said,''Never have I seen a human being to love another human being, like the companions of Muhammad love Muhammad.''

Now compare it with our love. Instead of giving life, sometimes we are reluctant even to practice sunahnya.

Source: Republika Online


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