Monday, June 7, 2010

Reaching True Happiness

Happiness is the dream of every person. He missed, but often did not come. Until people are always motivated to achieve happiness. Thus, although there is suffering, basically humans tend to crave happiness.

Human beings are supposed to be happy. Happiness is a choice. Although not rare human affliction hits successive even, he still could feel happy. That is, there is an option when people feel that way. Would he still be in pain or choose not to sink into their suffering. Instead of suffering that he used as a foothold to feel happiness.

A great poet and mystic named Sa'di Shirazi never feel the sadness in his heart because he lost a shoe. He suffered. Until one day at Kufa mosque, he saw someone who had lost both his legs. However, the person is not seen to suffer.

Sa'di then felt the other. He still had no shoes but he was no longer suffering. He then prostrated to Allah SWT with gratitude. Sa'di feelings changed over spell that he experienced.

Religion has been declared, so that people do not mourn what is lost from them and not too light-heated by what came to him. True happiness is the satisfaction of receiving what God has destined. Included in it when overwritten lost. Although many people are stuck with a loss that happened to him.

Those with missing tile syndrome syndrome or missing tile. At one point someone noticed the roof of his house, he saw the roof was complete. In the next moment, he saw there was one missing tile on the roof of his house. People kept thinking about the missing tile. Forget all the nice tile roof was still at home. This makes it suffer. This also happens in life. If someone continues to focus on something missing, of course not going to make him happy.

Running away from the commandments of God and His ban is also a ladder to reach happiness. Because the final purpose of all the commandments of God is for happiness. God sent the man to bowing and prostration and do good to human happiness. "Who would turn away from me, he will earn narrow." (Qur'an 20: 124).

In addition, it should not be enjoyed alone happiness. If the imitation of the Prophet Muhammad, then a Muslim can not be monopolized such happiness. Therefore, Prophet Muhammad has said is the most important charity if it makes other people happy.



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