Monday, June 7, 2010

Enjoyment tears because Afraid For God

Bismillahiirrahman nirrahim ....

our reflections together, my brother:

Rasulullah SAW has said, "people will not enter hell crying out of fear of GOD so that there is milk to its original place."

In a book Daqa'iqul Akhbar explained that it would be sent a servant nowadays Judgement, and crime is very heavy weights, and has been ordered to put into hell.

So one rambut2 eyes said, "O God, thou messenger, Prophet Muhammad has said, sesiapa too afraid to blindly crying because GOD Almighty GOD has forbidden it to hell and her eyes were actually crying because I was too afraid to you."

Finally, the servant of God's forgiveness and rescue from the fires of hell with the blessing of a hair that never cry because afraid to blindly GOD. The angel Gabriel announced, "he has been safe only because of a hair."

In an other book, bidayatul-Hidayah, told bahawa on the day of Judgement, will be brought out of hell give a damn about her voice, the voice input into burning flame of passion! All human beings kneeling because confront adversity and misery.

GOD Almighty says that intends, "You see (that day) every congregation knelt down (ie, crawling with the knee) are summoned to blindly faithful Tiap2 his works book. (Told him): On this day you shall be repaid after each what you were doing." (Surah al-Jatsiyah, paragraph 28)

they approached the fire of hell, they then heard the fire of hell with fury smolder fire, and explained that the book MLP smolder Fire's sound can be heard as far as 500 years JOURNEY!

At the time it will be said every person, and also the prophets by saying, "Me, me (Save me, O GOD)." except it is only a prophet who would say, "My, my people." He lord of our great Prophet Muhammad During Hell fire will come out like the mountains, the people of the Prophet Muhammad will be tried to stop him by saying, "O fire! By rights orang2 prayer who, by rights orang2 expert who dole, for the right orang2 who fervently, for the rights orang2 abstinent, Then you come back. "

Although such a pronounced, permanent Fire wont not return, then the Angel Gabriel said, "Behold the fire of hell was headed in the direction of the Prophet SAW Muahammad" Then Gabriel brought a bowl of water & Messenger reach it. Gabriel said the U.S. "O Messenger of Allah, take this water & Give him." Then the Messenger of watering the fires of hell, then he goes out with the permission of GOD. "

After that the Prophet was asked to Gabriel, "O Gabriel, the water is it?"

Gabriel replied, "That's the one who tears insubordinate among your people who cry because fear of GOD Almighty and now I was told to give it to you so that you can water it.

Prophet had said, "Yes GOD, Give gift our two eyes that cry because afraid of you, before we had no tears."



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