Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Respecting Others

By: Samsul Hidayat

The essence of Islamic teachings is the safety and allow people to be safe. Therefore, Muslims must refrain from actions that make other people upset, either verbally or in his hand. ''A Muslim is one who can bring survivors to others of our words and deeds,''explained Prophet. Islam also encourages people to honor and glorify others, such as command to spread the greeting, glory to guests, as well as respect for neighbors.

Any command to love others as love themselves Muslim. In fact, to those of other faiths also Islam enjoins the faithful to respect and establish a peaceful and harmonious life. Attitude of respect for others including aspects of life, like being nice to his brother, and has good qualities as well as generous to her. As described by the expression of God, that believers behave compassion to fellow believers and act firmly to the unbelievers (Sura 48: 29).

Assertion to non-Muslims which is expressly referred to in principle and religious creeds. There is no compromise and pencampuradukan in creed and worship. But, keep a good relationship as long as they also do good and are willing to live in peace with Muslims. Included in the attitude of reverence and respect for others is a good word to use speech and courteous in communicating. In a hadith the Prophet Bukhari mentioned never use vulgar language or utter verbal abuse and insults. If he wanted to warn anyone, he said,''What happened to him, may his forehead covered with dust.''Respect other people may also be certain to respect other people's opinions are different, even contradictory.

But, still invites critical thinking to find the truth. However, if the end can not be met, because each has an argument and think that a strong reference, it must be grown on mutual respect and appreciate others' perspectives. Is not the difference of opinion which followed an attitude of mutual understanding and respect it would be a mercy to each other? Because, with these differences will grow the dynamics of thinking. To foster mutual respect and respect others, must be initiated from the repair person's personality. Starting with a fully realized self-limitations and shortcomings.

Subsequently followed by eliminating self-righteous attitude that regard, or that his opinion or the opinion of the group's most true and others false. If these attitudes have been ingrained personality in the psyche of a Muslim, then mutual respect between the one and others will easily be realized. Thus, the essence of Islamic teachings meaningful survivors, safety, and make others survived to become a reality. However, if the coaching personality can not be materialized, then the differences of opinion would likely produce conflict and discord, even a disaster for the people.

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