Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Upholding Justice

By: Elias Eid Atik

Once Caliph Umar ibn Khattab government announced the distribution of the dress material to all the Muslim countries. The division established must be fair and equally. It's no different rations with official head of state and ordinary people.
Distribution of clothes otherwise complete.

All citizens have equal parts, is no exception Umar ibn al-Khattab, the head of state. However, Omar bin Khattab wearing clothes that looked great for a big body. And people know it because the division conducted openly.

At one point Omar berkhutbah encouraging Muslims to jihad and explain the virtues of jihad. ''Hear and obey,''Umar said with enthusiasm. However, no thunderous applause sound or sign of support that sermon. In fact, alternately sounding voice loud enough,''There is no obedience nor attention.

There are no soldiers with guns forward on the battlefield.''
Umar was astonished to find an atmosphere like that. Then he asked,''Why? May God give grace to you all.''Then someone said in a high tone,''You take the fabric as we take, but how does it fit fabric for you, while you are tall men big? There must be something that you set apart for yourself?''

Hearing this explanation, Umar defend himself. Then, he summoned his son, Abdullah ibn Umar. Her son had been asked to witness and announce to the audience what really happened. Abdullah ibn Umar also testified that he gave his share to his father so his father can wear clothes that cover the private parts, according to posture.

People who talk loudly had sat down and said,''Now we hear and we obey.''And in unison followed by the entire audience. Subhanallah, what a beautiful relationship between heads of state and its people. Heads of state should not feel dilebihkan of its people and freely reproved, reformed by the citizens. In a sense, the head of state wanted to have and do for the people.

Similarly, administration systems regard all citizens equal in rights and obligations.
We also see the profile head of state who did not use his power for his own benefit. Similarly, families that do not use that position to enrich themselves. In terms of net official profile of KKN practices.

Indeed nuances of national life such as the above hard to find nowadays, especially in our country. Where corruption is entrenched in every line of government. However, it was not all be changed, reformed. It all depends on the seriousness and persistence of all components of the nation in combating it. And must be initiated and verified by the leaders of this nation.

Source: Republika Online


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