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Amaliyah Muslimat

1. Avoid attitude Do More less satisfied and quiet.

Allah says:
"There is no good in most of their whisperings whispers except those who call people to give alms, or do ma'ruf, or make peace among mankind." (An Nisa 114)

Know, O ukthi, at any time and any place there is always pay attention and record every remark.

"A seat on the right and the others sat on the left. No one else was saying words but there is an angel nearby supervisor who is always present." (Qaf 17-18)

Therefore, O ukthi, talk-worthy only proper course. Summarize what you say, well enough to fit the purpose of conversation.

2. Read Al-Qur'an Al-Karim and create a daily schedule for semampumu tadaarus and try to memorize it so that you get a great reward on the Day of Judgement.

Ra Abdullah ibn Umar narrated that the Prophet Muhammad is different: To who love to read Al-Qur 'an on the Day of Resurrection, saying: "Read it and fix bacaanmu as ye did in the first world, surely it depends on the final kedudukanmu current passage you read it. " (HR-Tirmidhi)

3. Is not a virtue when you speak and always comment on every thing you hear, because it can bring you down into the lies.

Abu Huraifah Ra said that the Prophet Mohammad: "Suffice it to that person called a liar if he talked to each what he heard." (Narrated by Muslim).

4. Stay away from the nature of arrogance and pride themselves with something that you do not have the purpose of multiplying wealth and fame in the eyes of a human.

Ayesha Ra, related that a woman who asked the Prophet SAW: "May I say that my husband has to give something when he did not give me something?" Prophet then said: "People who do not broadcast what he terirna (gift) like a man who wore two shirts a lie." (Muttafaq alaihi).

5. Dzikrullah had a tremendous influence in the life

a Muslim, whether viewed in ruhaniyah, psychiatric, physical and social. Therefore, take care, O my brother, remember to Allaah at all times no matter how it is. Verily Allaah has praised His servants who devoted.

His Word:
"(They are) those who remember Allah Almighty in a state of good standing, sitting or lying down." (Ali Imran 191).

Ra Basar bin Abdullah had mentioned that there was a man saying: "O Messenger of Allah, the Islamic Shari'a has actually quite a lot in my view, for it let me know with something that I can make the handle." Rasulullah said: "It will keep your tongue moist with the dhikr of Allah." (Narrated by Tinnidzi).

6. If you want to talk, then stay away from self exaggerate, unctuous words and doze in the hammock said. because it is a trait despised by the Prophet SAW.

He said:
"Surely something that I most hated and most distant position from me on the Day of Resurrection are those who talk a lot, in utter arrogant and insolent." (Narrated by Tarmidzi).

7. Sufi Prophet Personal Make a good example.

Among many silent, thinking and not a lot of laughs, let alone to drift in it.

Sammak said, "I asked Jabir bin Samirah: Did you always present in the assemblies of the Messenger of Allah?" Samirah bin Jabir replied, "Yes, he was quiet and a bit of a laugh. Ever read the poem and mutual friend betukar my mind about them, then they laugh, but only the Prophet only smiled." (Narrated by Ahmad).

Make your words are always inclined to virtue. If not, then that's better diammu. Prophet said:
"Everyone who confesses faith in Allah and the Last Day, He said good, or (if not) shut up." (Ar. Bukhari)

8. Do not interrupt people, restrict or despised. Be a good listener. Bantahlah them with uslub (method) is good as a mirror of personality.

9. Avoid all forms of criticism, gossip, or discuss the disgrace of others.

"O ye who believe let not a people denounce other people, (because) they might be (who denounced it) better than them (the critical). And so did women against other women, women who may have been more reprehensible favorably than women who denounced. " (Al Hujaraat 11)

Rasulullah SAW said:
"A Muslim is a brother to other Muslims he does not menzaliminya, did not disappoint. Also not too insulted. So it is enough that a fall in infamy when he insulted a Muslim brother." (Narrated by Muslim).

10. If you hear the reading of Al Quran Al Karim, then stop all conversation somehow important. as respect for the words of Allaah. as well as the execution of his orders.

"And if the AI recited then listen and watch quietly, that ye may receive Mercy" (Al A'raf 204).

11. -Pandailah clever in choosing words from your mouth before going outside. Keep your words to keep them clean. appropriate and in accordance with the truth, away from the bad, and does not cause the wrath of God Almighty. because every word has a big responsibility. How many words can cause the speaker to go to heaven, and how many people put words to the bottom of Hell.

Abu Hurayrah said: The Prophet Muhammad SA Ra W said: "A servant who when speaking solely the blessed God and was ignored as if someone, God will raise in rank. But a servant to speak with a greeting the hated God as if not ignored people, then saying it would take him to Hell. " (Narrated by Bukhari).

Ra Mu'adz asked the Prophet:
"O Messenger of Allah, whether we are responsible for all that we say?" The Prophet replied: "Your mother must have lost you, O Mu'adz! Ditelungkupkan face is not the man to hell except for tergelincimya tongue (due to a greeting) them." (Narrated by Turmudzi).

12. Use your tongue which is a blessing of God's great kindness to you for amar nahi munkar and for calling to virtue.

"There is no good in most of them except the whisperings whispers from people who sent (men), giving alms, or doing kindness, or make peace among mankind." (An Nisa 114)

13. O Muslim sister, studying (studying) that is a laudable and noble.

Syifa 'Bint Abdillah said, the Prophet never went into the house when I was at home Hafsah, then he asked me, "Do you not teach this (ie Hafsah) antidote to an ant as you've taught writing to write?" (Narrated by Ahmad).

14. The intent and purpose of his education was not just to earn a diploma. to get a job or social status, but to know the variety of religious affairs. its laws and improve reading Al-Qur'an Al-Karim so that a woman can serve to Robb him with a clear basis of understanding. As is known, one purpose of their studies is to examine the appropriate learning theory as reflected in the life of the Prophet, the companions and the predecessors of this Ummah, so that we live in happiness and peace.

15. Stay away from any form of jokes and taunts. Do not be arrogant toward others in their studies. And make the nature tawadhu (humbly) that mirror your personal progress and achievement rise. Otherwise the learnings will undoubtedly lead to disaster for you.

Ka 'ab bin Malik, Ra said, I heard the Prophet said: "Whoever their studies due to compete with the pious, or that they might argue with fools, and because humans want to draw attention to him, God will put it into hell." (Narrated by Tirmidhi)



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