Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is GM Really Out to Trick You About Volt?

“(AutoObserver editor Bill) Visnic also points out – and we agree – that the blow-up over whether the extended-range plug-in Volt is all-electric all the time really is much ado about nothing insofar as the driving public is concerned.” This statement was made Tuesday in Edmunds’ Green Car Advisor, one day after a hullaballoo occurred between and General Motors reps to determine whether GM was telling the truth and delivering an accurate specification. The Volt is getting positive reviews from journalists who’ve waited a long time to test drive one, and the debate has simmered down. As I read through coverage of the Leaf brouhaha, questions came to mind… Will buyers truly understand what distinguishes the Chevy Volt from the Nissan Leaf (pure electric) and the Toyota Prius (hybrid electric vehicle)? Will that matter to them? What will GM and Chevrolet dealers need to do to adequately educate the public about what the Volt is, and the benefits of having one?


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