Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ways to Make Money When You're Absolutely Desperate (Updated)

If you need money just to survive, there are ways to make it without upfront costs, equipment needs, or much of any other requirements:

1. Blood donation (provided you aren't HIV+)
2. Sperm/egg donation--egg donation can yield as much as $50k per egg, and many college-age women have paid for college this way.
3. Private organ donation--this entails finding a recipient who's willing to pay for your kidney. Check out medical lawyers or transplant organizer specialists for this info.
4. Can collecting--you'll want a bag or something to hold your finds in.
5. Harvest and sell excess foraged food
6. Donate bone marrow (see #1 above)

UPDATE: Not so desperate? Then maybe this book can give you ideas. How about this Top 10 List of Underground Economy Books?

WINTER UPDATE: If you already own a snow shovel, sell your shoveling skills in your immediate area. Elderly and disabled (especially those with heart conditions) can't shovel, so this is where you come in handy. No shovel? Borrow one.


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