Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fake Coupons Found in Arkansas

From KAIT 8 (ABC Affiliate).

"Instead of "buy one get one free" some stores in Region eight say coupons coming in really mean "buy one steal one!" Phony coupons are being passed from person to person and store to store and the people trying to use them have no idea!

"I think it's unbelievable because everybody uses coupons now times are so hard," said shopper Joyce Ann Martin.

The counterfeit coupons include everything from food, personal hygiene products and toys! There are coupons out there that offer you a great deal but you may get no deal.

"Look for anything that says "free product" most of the time that is a fake coupon," said Zach Goza, Assistant Manager at Bill's Fresh Market.

Goza said fake coupons do come into their store.

"Mostly when we get fake coupons it comes during a big game day or a big holiday coming along," said Goza.

He said they've been cracking down on these type of coupons by training their cashiers on the signs to watch for to spot a fake.

"Any coupon at all that's over say sixty cents, which is usually the regular maximum amount for a coupon, anything that says "free product" they have to call a manager up there," said Goza.

The Coupon Information Corporation has a list on-line of the most current fake coupons that are out there! They suggest you never pay for coupons, don't use coupons that are in a PDF file, or that sound too good to be true.

"They want to try to get the best deals they can what they don't realize is there are a lot of people out there that like to ruin it for everybody else and send out these fake coupons that really are no good at all," said Goza.

There are rewards being offered for information leading the prosecution of those who are creating these fake coupons."


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