Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Slave to the Spice Trade No More!

On a hot pursuit for bay leaves yesterday, I noticed an aisle section of the grocery store that's ripping us off royally--the spice section! A quick look at bay leaves in the regular spice aisle had them at $23.00/oz. (yep, no typo there--Hubby can confirm), while over in the international foods aisle (where they keep so-called "gourmet" stuff--actually Mexican and Jewish stuff), bay leaves were in little packets priced at $2.76/oz. I bought all they had to refill my old bay leaf bottle at home.

Do I need to tell you that McCormick was the highway robber in this story? Simply by walking two aisles over and getting my bay leaves, I managed to save $20.24 without coupons, store discounts, or any other discount-seeking trickery. Try THAT, coupon queens!

Now I could grow my own bay leaves, but that would entail a laurel tree, which won't grow here.

Moral of the story: need spices? Look anywhere but the spice aisle--check out the ethnic/gourmet/international foods aisle, or even ethnic grocery stores. Don't be a victim of ripoff artist "Mickey C" ever again!

If Sam's Club only carried bay leaves... :(


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