Saturday, January 2, 2010

Belief to Allah

Belief to Allah
Because Allah [is] decision maker, each;every occurence represent award to His creature: everything have been planned to do kindliness of religion and for life one who believe [in] eternity later. clan of Mukminin can refer [at] experience of them to see that there is something worthwhile to their x'self by the end of a occurence. For reason, we have to always trust Allah
He/She Who are Single The most and The most Protect. A mukmin have to behave as which [is] Allah wish: fulfilling its responsibility later;then surender x'self [at] Allah with its result. Sentence following laying open this mystery, unknown by people who denied "... godfearing whomever to Allah undoubtedly He/She will perform [a] for him[s way out. And giving [him/ it] rezeki of direction which no its its[his]. And whomever which [is] bertawakal to Allah undoubtedly Allah will make sufficient ( its[his] [him/it]. Real, Allah execute business ( desired) Its. Real, Allah have performed [a] rule to every something." ( ath-Thalaaq: 2-3
" Telling, ' Not on any account will befall we but what have been specified by Allah for us. He/She [is] our Protector, and only to religious Allah people who have to bertawakal.'" ( at-Taubah: 51
What ought to a moslem tell to people who denied to Allah of swt., [is] also contained in Al-Qur`An
" Why we will not bertawakal to Allah, though He/She have shown road;street to us, and us seriously will bear with to troubles which you [do/conduct] to us. And only to just Allah [of] people of bertawakal that surender x'self." ( Ibrahim: 12
In other sentence told
" If Allah help you, hence nothing;there is no one who earn to defeat you; if Allah let you ( [do] not render help), hence who is gerangan able to help


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