Saturday, January 2, 2010

Existence of Allah

Existence of Allah
Al-Qur`An inform to us about truth of the nature of Allah
" Allah, [there] no God ( rightful claimant curtseyed) but Him Which [is] continuous to everlasting life again manage ( His creature); is not sleepy and [do] not sleep, Property him what in the sky and under the sun. No can give syafaat beside Allah without His permit. Allah know something which before them and rear they, and they [do] not know something of Allah science but what desired [by] Him. Chair Allah cover earth and sky. And Allah [do] not feel weight look after both, and Allah of Mahatinggi enormous Again." ( al-Baqarah: 255
" Allahlah creating seven sky and like that also earth. Comand of Allah go into effect to [him], [so that/ to be] you know [him/it] it[him] Omnipoten Allah to the everything, and in fact Allah, His science really covering everything." ( ath-Thalaaq: 12
However, many people which [do] not accept existence of Allah of swt. such as those which have been explained in sentences. They [do] not comprehend His endless highness and power. They trust falsehood that them arranging themselves and think that Allah reside in a[n place which far [in] universe and seldom meddle " mundane case". Limited understanding [of] this people [is] mentioned in Al-Qur`An, " They do not know Allah with really is. Real, Allah really omnipoten Mahakuat Again." ( al-Hajj: 74
Comprehending power of Allah of swt. better represent tying early in enchaining belief in God. Real, a mukmin will leave society view which digressing about power of Allah of swt. and refuse errant confidence by telling, " And its it[him] One who less mind of former us always tell ( abysmal perkataan) [of] boundary to Allah." ( al-Jin: 4
clan of Muslimin trust Allah of swt. as according to


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