Saturday, January 2, 2010


Al-Qur`An depict the nature of trust as one of [the] moral principle and road;street [go] to successfulness. Religious people have to take care of entrusted commendation to it until the commendation returned. Besides, they even also have to earn to differentiate who commend and who [is] entitled to of commendation. In this case, Al-Qur`An explain
" Really, Allah order you submit commendation to rightful claimant accept [him/it], and ( ordering you) if specifying law among human being so that you specify dispassionately is. Real, Allah give instruction which as well as possible to you is. Real, Allah [is] The most Hear again The most See." ( an-Nisaa`: 58
[At] other sentence explained
"( Not that way), in fact who keep a promise ( what its it[him] and is godfearing, hence in fact Allah take a fancy to godfearing people who." ( Ali Imran: 76
Commendation can in the form of money, duty, or something else. The faithful have to earn to become and differentiate people who can be trusted.


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